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Alan Kyerematen to set up â??NPP Bankâ??

Comment: empty talk

insight to the bone
2014-07-17 11:03:39
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Do Not Polarize Us Further

we are tired of the reckless willfulness of these leaders from minority tribal groups who only come with corruption in their hearts and hatred of the values and potential of the majority.This govt due to their anti Akan agenda and discrimination saturated by hate and envy of the Akans can never do anything right or good . Their wickedness is so deep in their subconscious and conscious that its fully geared to destroy the Akan economy so anything they think will benefit the Akans will be sabotaged , ignored or thrown out . we have no choice but to regroup and do as much as possible without involving the govt , ndc or these pepeni/ayigbe mafia criminals . Corruption , discrimination based on their tribalism , hegemony and chauvinism has eroded all unity within the nation .Akans all over the place are waking up , with the BA chiefs voicing their reservations about GMO , western region , central region are protesting under their breaths , our dear Ashantis have made their position clear so we expect the political parties with understanding of the Akan plight like the cpp , ppp and npp to stand up or be forgotten. We can not wait another 2 years as by then the damage will be cemented beyond repair . Eyered is now everywhere and we reluctantly realize only a bloody revolution can set our people free . Its not that they are unprepared of do not know what to do to get Ghana back on track but the hate in their hearts make them continue on this path of destruction of the Akans . they are doing EXACTLY what they planned to do so dont be fooled, just examine the EU agreement.If this EPA was so good why didnt they push that proposal through the UN for the whole world to benefit . we shall be exploited to the brink of slavery all because we have an illegitimate election rigging ayigbe/pepeni govt seeking international recognition and approval , the same way jj signed us off to the IMF . Only a fool can be deceived into thinking an election is the solution as it will be rigged again, we are wise to remain reserved and keep an open mind as many wanna be leaders fall short of being a genuine progressive leaders rather they are more likely to be in cohorts with the mafia political oligarchy that has a stranglehold on our people
we know many have been brainwashed into stupidity so do not see the truth. have you ever asked yourself why is it that when they hear the call WE AKANS they go into a stupefied frenzy of hate ? why is it that Akans are now very cautious of even saying who they are and where they are from , why is it that its only the Akans who believed in the melting pot of Ghana and disregarded their diversities . why is it that today in the ministries most traumatized Akans will only speak Ga or English yet ewes , northerners can freely converse in their mother tongue ? Talk about aggressive tribalism and where its coming from , who started it ? Hegemony , narrow mindedness and blaming all other tribes except their own was never started by the Akans but we can also learn the game very quickly

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07-17 05:12
empty talk
insight to the bone
07-17 11:03