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Alan Kyerematen to set up â??NPP Bankâ??

Comment: Herald WRONG abt ANC biz!

2014-07-17 09:34:59
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Alan Kyerematen to set up “NPP Bank”

ofcourse the Ruling ANC Party in South Africa has several companies. What they do is buy shares into major ventures directly or indirectly through any of their party partners. These ventures are being supervised from their powerful Shell Hse which am told Ghana gov helped to acquire also known as the Lithuli Hse. Ex of these ventures includes The Medupi power projects, Sanral E tolling projects to name a few. What Ghanaians should ask is what the constitution say abt such active participation of political parties in commercial ventures, otherwise it is not new so Herald is wrong, they should just refer to City Press ot Star of So

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07-17 05:12
Herald WRONG abt ANC biz!
07-17 09:34