General News of Thursday, 10 July 2014


No fuel Shortage; there is enough in stock – NPA assures

Public Relations Officer of the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Yaro Kasambata, is assuring the general public and motorists in Greater Accra that it has enough stock of fuel in the country.

There are reports of fuel shortage in some parts of Accra, with long queues forming at some fuel stations.

But Mr. Kasambata insists that there is stock available.

"I speak from the position of stocks available in storage; we’ve got products available; so if there is anybody that is panicking, they should be calm. There is fuel in the country. There is no need for panic buying,” he explained.

"There are substantial number of stations in the capital that have fuel; the one or two places that don’t have [may have run out of the product]…,” he said.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Thursday, Kasambata noted that it is normal for some fuel stations to run out of the product.

"In our industry, it is not out of place that sometimes one or two stations may run out of products, waiting for supply to arrive…

"We don’t have a problem with stock and supply; I can speak confidently for our stock position,” he added. checks around some parts of the capital indicate that motorists may be bracing themselves for another fuel shortage.

The country, only weeks ago, suffered an acute fuel shortage which led to chaos at filling stations across the country.

This led to queues developing at the filling stations with some purchasing the fuel in yellow gallons to store.

But the PRO said their investigations reveal there is "a good quantity of products in many of the locations that we visited”.

He also stated that the NPA is also working to ensure that stations are not hoarding fuel in anticipation of a price increase.