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Ghana to be a tenant state by 2040

Comment: To Dr. SAS & Idris Pacas: Good Brothers

francis kwarteng
2014-07-04 02:53:49
Comment to:

Dear My Two Good Brothers,

I like how both of you have concluded your discussions. Very brotherly.

Yes, you two come across as very intelligent men, I mean. That is good. I have also learnt a great from your intellectual exchanges.

Idris Pacas, Dr. SAS has been really busy today. He and I had our own fair share of debates today, healthy ones of course.

Dr. SAS is a very nice guy if you really know him. Don't take anything he may "improperly" have said to you personal.

He likes to "joke" sometimes while still making serious intellectual remarks. However, I can only add that there is no "universal" consensus on several aspects of English grammar, particularly.

I have been closely following the leading figures in the field as regards English grammar over the years. Therefore let's learn to take it one at a time.

I hope Dr. SAS gets you the grammmar books, Brother Idris. Dr. SAS will definitely get you one if not more! I am certain of this. The man is so nice.


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07-02 07:01
To Dr. SAS & Idris Pacas: Good Brothers
francis kwarteng
07-04 02:53