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Ghana to be a tenant state by 2040

Comment: DR SAS

2014-07-03 23:57:33
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1. Prove to me why 'its' is correct in that sentence, whether it's a nominal or a noun.

2. Prove to me why 'both' is better in that context than 'all' is.

Instead of exerting energy using somehow insulting words, I suggest you focus on educating us or me.

Publishing houses adopt styles. What one house wrongs is accepted by another, giving us a choice (eg, like versus such as).

Had it not been those '''arrogant''' corrections I made, I wouldn't have known that you're a Ghanaian in the US.

Remember that your contributions here are the cause of my respecting you, and not the academic qualifications listed above. We've so many non-productive doctors and professors here.

Whether that article was nice or not is a matter choice. Remember that my 'corrections' or 'wrongings' did not take anything way from it just as yours did nothing to mine. After all, many readers are unaware of the Comments column.

I've not given up on many of your corrections. Knowing each other better, we shall be dealing with them one by one.

Keep reading and correcting.

Send me some of your leftover grammar books. When you're coming home for Xmas, bring me a device for me to use for teaching. Ask me what and I'll tell you later.

Good nite!

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