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Ghana to be a tenant state by 2040

Comment: Re: To Dr. SAS & IDRIS PACAS: Grammar

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2014-07-03 01:25:07
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To Dr. SAS & IDRIS PACAS: Grammar

1.I think you should focus on the issue at stake, which has nothing to do with which rules are more difficult. The issue is Pacas' integrity as a grammar teacher, given the nature of the errors he makes.

2. The reason why scientists write about grammar is that grammar is the scientific study of a language, insofar as it is the application of the rules of language. Grammar is therefore an extension of the scientific inquiry, not its subordinate.

3. Not everybody is interested in the books you cite for reading. At least, I am not. This is because I am busy doing something different with my life, and I don't see how reading these books will advance my chosen cause. That is why I always prompt you to provide the synopses of those books if you want to use them in any argument. I don't have to read your books in order to hold myself forth as a scholar.

4. My background in the sciences is comprehensive enough, having studied Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Basic Electronics and Applied Electricity to quite an advanced level. But to me, the purpose of science ought not be the imbibing and regurgitation of rules, or even their abstract discourse. Rather, science must enable an individual to acquire scientific thinking. This is because the scientific mind is the liberated mind-the mind that is not infested with ideology and make-believe philosophy.

5. My disappointment in you is that you appear to constrict the sciences to the orthodox study of certain subjects and the discussion of these in some abstract context, forgetting that science permeates life itself, and is at the centerpiece of reason, logic and philosophy. Nobody can claim to be scientific whose thinking is cocooned in archaic ideology and preconceived notions.

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Re: To Dr. SAS & IDRIS PACAS: Grammar
Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
07-03 01:25