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Ghana to be a tenant state by 2040

Comment: Some Corrections For You, Idris

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2014-07-02 14:57:06
Comment to:
Ghana to be a tenant state by 2040

Please note the following corrections carefully and avoid them in the future:
1. What was in Kwame Nkrumah’s mind when he was undertaking such ambitious projects? —That we will one day need them because the economy of Ghana, the hope of Africa, will be booming.
Note, the query in the first sentence is in the past, and so the answer should be in the past. ( The auxiliary "will" ought to be "would": “That we WOULD one day need them because the economy of Ghana, the hope of Africa, WOULD be booming.”

2. Through its PRO, NPA made two elementary justifications for this mouth-boggling expenditure. That the old building is dilapidated with cracks which endanger the life of its staff and that it will sublet the extra space to recover part of the cost.
The first sentence should end in a colon, not full stop, because the subsequent sentence explains the preceding one. As the situation stands, the subsequent sentence is incomplete.

3. The following is also a subordinate clause which cannot stand on its own as a sentence, " A period when NPA introduced what it termed ‘automatic adjustment formula’ only to generate sufficient revenue from fuel price hikes…..
The clause can also be a subject or a predicate, but definitely not a sentence.

4. "Couldn’t NPA had used the $700,000.00......" should read, "Couldn’t NPA HAVE used the $700,000.00....”. Whenever you use the auxiliaries, whether in the past or present, the following verbal phrase ought to be in the present. This rule does not change even if you invert the order to ask a question: “Did she have her bag?”; “Couldn’t she have the car?”; "Where did you school?"

5. On no single occasion has we (the youth) reasoned and questioned....." should read, " On no single occasion HAVE we (the youth) reasoned and questioned........” The operational subject/pronoun here is “we” which must transpose the singular “has” to the plural “have”.

I am taking this trouble because you are a science teacher who, together with many science scholars, thinks that he can rise up one day and begin teaching English because the subject is "so easy". I have noted with disgust how you constituted yourself into a teacher under another article today.....
These corrections are however without prejudice to the content of your essay which I find very delightful.
FYI, I am a certified High School English Educator here in Texas, besides being an Attorney and Counselor at Law.

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Some Corrections For You, Idris
Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
07-02 14:57