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Unite NPP before criticising gov’t – Felix to Akufo-Addo

Comment: A Raw And Senseless Talk-Kwakye Ofosu

2014-07-03 02:48:40
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Unite NPP before criticising gov’t – Felix to

NDC's sinister motives to make our mother Ghana a hell of residence for majority of the citizenry has empowered Kwankye Ofosu who didn't toil for his gains at the detriment of the poor taxpayers to talk raw and senseless. I personally see him as naïve, hence his contribution to help collapse the Ghanaian economy.
Ghana is the bigger set. NPP is a subset. NDC is a subset as well just like all other groups. Specifically, NDC is a packed of thievery people who only seek to destroy, but not to create.
Nana has his right as a citizen of Ghana to criticize the government. What I consider as naïve on Kwakye's part the fact that he said Nana should fix NPP'S problem instead.
A raw and senseless talk indeed. K.O, though you're singing to the tune of your master's song, "call a spade, a spade. Learn to talk with maturity. I'm imploring you.

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A Raw And Senseless Talk-Kwakye Ofosu
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