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Unite NPP before criticising gov’t – Felix to Akufo-Addo

Comment: Pea-Size Brained Minister Ofosu Kwakye..

Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
2014-07-02 14:38:33
Comment to:
Stupid Fool Kwakye

Pea-size brained minister Ofosu Kwakye and his usual balderdash !

Isn't it risible that for a boy-minister, who is so dumb that his IQ
and shoe size are the same, will be telling a taxpayer on whose taxes he gets fed, that he should rather unite a political party instead of criticising the create,loot and share enterprise of the NDC stealers headed by John Mahama(first president of Maaame/Daaaavi Ghana with 23 children from 13 women)?

Is his hemorrhoids flaring up again ?

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07-02 02:31
Pea-Size Brained Minister Ofosu Kwakye..
Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
07-02 14:38