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Unite NPP before criticising gov’t – Felix to Akufo-Addo

Comment: This is not smart..Felix

2014-07-02 03:08:10
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Unite NPP before criticising gov’t – Felix to

Felix, I'm sorry this is not smart at all... There's absolute no mistake if you reference into the the opposition leader for help, you don't have to feel shy about it.

If so I humbly ask you to drop your pride and walk straight to Nana, he will surely welcome you and work with your gorvement. The dude is extremely cool and very approachable, ever ready to listern,support, and share idear.

Please, one thing I advise you is to stop all this reverse pyscologycal approach, people of Ghana might be poor but we're not stupid..u
'know! Above all Manama publicly have said Ghanaians should all rally together to help.

Felix, please demonstrate some maturity, take some bold steps to the man, humble yourself and tap intto his brain power and make good use of his the the first to do this,, yes you can!!!!

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07-02 02:31
This is not smart..Felix
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