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I share in your frustrations - Mahama

Comment: Adam and Eve Syndrome

Kwaku Ananse
2014-07-02 08:59:49
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I share in your frustrations - Mahama

The very first human story in the bible shows how exactly what Mahama is going thru and consequently the suffering of a nation.
Adam couldn't say no to Eve!! When she brought the apple a firm, strong-willed man would admonish her but because of his weakness with Eve he condoned to the peril of humanity.

Mr president can't say no to his wife, therefore whether they will accept it or not Lodina Mahama as clueless as she is influencing a lot of major decisions in this country.

The equally clueless Chief of Staff has figured out that by doing the bidding of Eve, he gets to remain at post. Can you blame him, self-preservation. If even the president can't stand up to her, why should he.

This the moral of the first human story, the fundamental weakness of a man can affect a generation. Until Mr Mahama will grow some balls and stand up to his wife at home, we are all doomed.

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Adam and Eve Syndrome
Kwaku Ananse
07-02 08:59