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I share in your frustrations - Mahama

Comment: NDC Terrorisst Leader Is J.J Rawlings

2014-07-02 01:45:39
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Npp terorist killed Nkrumah!!!!!!!!!!!!

NDC terrorist leader juju man, J.J. Rawlings and his deputy, Kojo Tsikata murdered three judges, a retired army officer and uncountable innocent Ghanaians. NDC terrorist tied their victims with heavy metal, flew the victims over the ocean and drpped their victims into ocean.

NDC terrorist leader J.J. Rawlings just hated you, and you were dead. J.J. Rawlings and Kojo Tsikata, these two brilliant murderers are deadly than Osama Bin Laden.

The NDC terrorist leader, J.J. Rawlings does not feel remorse for killing innocent Ghanaians. He enjoys it and celbrate it every year for the terror reign on Ghanaians. NDC is still terorizing innocent Ghanaians. NDC terrorists have looted and stolen every penny in Ghana's treasury.

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07-02 00:29
NDC Terrorisst Leader Is J.J Rawlings
07-02 01:45
BBC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07-02 10:54