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I share in your frustrations - Mahama

Comment: Fail president

2014-07-02 01:41:49
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I share in your frustrations - Mahama

Banana Republic of Ghana is a senseless nation with senseless leaders, is simple as that.John Mahama doesn't even qualify to be a football manager let alone to be a president of a sovereign nation, what do we see now? God choose David to led his people not because he was handsome but becuase he was able to protect his flocks without any harm from the predators. Any time i hear about SUBA, GYEEDA,WOYOME,JUDGEMENT DEBTS ETC,my heart bleeds for Ghana, i ask myself do dark skin people in Afrika and Ghana at large reason and think as well? Any time i hear ghanaians bragging about their educational status quo i just laugh, the dark skin people problem is not about education, is about thinking and reasoning, this is what we lack as people. Japanese and South koreans developed their nation without resources, how about Ghanaians everything is in our disposal but foreigners and our few corrupt people are taking it and the rest of the people are wallowing in abject poverty. What's impeding us not to develop our nation? At this time and age we don't even know how to manufacture some simple things for domestic consumption, what is our purpose on this earth? Are we here as participators or commentators? Upon all our degrees we are at the bottomless pit in the world. Sleeping dogs when are we going to wake up to catch up with the world? Do God really created dark skin people? I doubt it, Our intelligent level are too low and it's a fact take it or leave it, how can a president pay interest for a loan but he didn't get the money he requested for? This can happened only in Afrika Ghana to be precise where corruption, stupidity, foolishness, greedy, selfish is their culture. Mahama who can not even take care of five cows is now a president of Ghana it's a lesson for everyone.Oh Afrikans when are you going to put your thinking cap on? The most painful thing is that the world is coming to an end but dark Afrikans did not develop their nations up till now Afrika is a ghetto. The most disgraceful president ever to appear in the history of ghana is John Mahama, and he is not even ashamed of himself, look at the direction the country is heading to, show me your intelligent and i will show you how competent i am. Only a foolish dog bark at the flying bird.

Fellow me if you can be put all the burdens behind.

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Fail president
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