General News of Saturday, 21 June 2014


Police responsible for Bimbilla clashes – Elder

The Spokesperson for the former Bimbilla Chief, Osman Kika, has said the Police in Bimbilla should be held responsible for the recent clashes in the town.

According to him, the police had been very irresponsible and negligent because they were not at post during the incident.

“We expect the Police to be very answerable to this because we are aware that they run 24 hours security guards but the Police left there as early as 5: 00 in the evening,”Mr. Kika said.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, Mr. Kika also called for an immediate prosecution of the perpetrators of the heinous crime, saying “we expect that the perpetrators are brought to book in consonance with the laws of Ghana”.

The chief of Bimbilla, Naa Dasana Abdulai Andani II and two others were killed by some unknown assailants at his Palace on Thursday.

Narrating the incident, Mr. Kika said about eight armed men stormed the late Chief’s Palace around 7: 00 pm and started firing gun shots at the Palace.

According to him, two individuals were also killed by the group for attempting to find out what was happening at the Palace.

Mr. Kika said the incident had rendered Bimbilla lifeless. “Bimbilla is calm, very quiet and very deserted, all the streets are empty and vacant.”

Meanwhile, the family of the late Naa Dasana Abdulai Andani II are demanding the body of the chief to for the necessary customary rites.