General News of Saturday, 26 April 2014


Man's throat slashed in Teshie chieftaincy clash

At least one person’s throat was cut in fresh Chieftaincy-related clashes in Teshie in Accra, late Friday.

The identity of the victim is not immediately known, and it is unclear if he survived the attack after being rushed to a local hospital.

Reports from the Accra suburb say several other people suffered various degrees of injuries after clashes erupted late Friday.

Many of the injured were rushed to local clinics and hospitals.

An eyewitness, Samuel Nii Adjei, spoke to Citi News from the scene of the hostilities: “There’s going to be the burial of one Nii Oshinpang, and a faction says that he is not a royal of the town and should, therefore, not be buried at the cemetery,” he said.

“The issue was discussed at the Security Council at [the] Municipal Assembly level and the Assembly gave an order that the burial should not be carried out. But as I am talking to you now, people are at the cemetery and there is a riot and serious chaos,” he added.

Adjei confirmed reports that, in the heat of the troubles, at least one person’s throat was cut. “When they were digging the ground for the burial, the two factions, those in favour and those against, clashed at the cemetery and there was chaos all over,” he said. “Some heads were slashed, people were cut variously and about seven people have been rushed to the hospital”.

He added, “The police came around to maintain order, but there are a lot of people around and if care is not taken a whole lot of things will be destroyed.

“As I’m talking to you now, people are planning to burn houses tomorrow morning because, the actual ceremony will be done tomorrow morning.”

Local Police chiefs were not immediately available for comment.