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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

Comment: C.H.A.R.I.S.M.A

2014-03-31 20:24:06
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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

Hahahaha...what a nice way to say that Nana Akuffo Addo is ugly! lol...

Ghanaians politics at its best! Seriously though, i think ex-prez is being taken out of context. In as much as we may not like to admit this cruel part of life, it's true. Charisma is a great multiplier! And thats what i think he failed to articulate. Can anybody argue with him that Allan Kyeremanteng is more charismatic than Akuffo Addo? As to if hes more qualified for the job is another issue. But yes Kuffour is guilty of being politically incorrect but hes right...charisma is an asset in politics.

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