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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

Comment: Hide Your Oafish Idiocy,Looney !

Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
2014-03-31 14:16:01
Comment to:
Re: The NDC Rented Press and so what???

Hide your oafish idiocy,looney !

A worthless bag of filth of your kind doesn't deserve a response from yours sincerely, but letting you off the hook will send the wrong signals to other offsprings of motherless bugdonkeys, hence my taking time off to give it to you.

For your information, creatures of your kind, whose alleged parents abandoned you at birth and then died of shame in recognition of what they had done to an unsuspecting world, are banned from 50 meter radius of my radar.

Is that clear ?

A repeat of such duncish oafishness will leave me with no other option than to give you the maximum sentence.

Is that clear, you blue-nostriled, crossed eyed, hairy-livered inbred trout-defiler ?

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Hide Your Oafish Idiocy,Looney !
Jato Julor (J.J.) Rawlings
03-31 14:16
BBC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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