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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

Comment: This Is Total Foolishness

Onipaba Of Akyem Maase
2014-03-31 07:50:54
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Women vote for handsome men – Kufuor

I wonder how many of us will still eat every thrash that the NDC rented press will put on the public domain. They always bring in tangential issues to try to take our attention of their ineptitude. This thrash should not be published at all in any serious mass media. The truth still remains that, NDC is corrupt and believe that the success of other people who did hard and legitimate work to raise their children were corrupt. That they NDC believe in streetism, laziness, illiteracy and cronyism. Mahama will go down and he knows. At the moment, he only put up face for public sympathy. His speeches are incoherent. He has no command over himself. He is a total waste and wised he was never a president. Shame unto corrupt Mills?Mahama NDC.

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BBC NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This Is Total Foolishness
Onipaba Of Akyem Maase
03-31 07:50