General News of Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Source: XYZ

UG’s Autonomy will not be stripped – Senior Lecturer

A senior member of the University of Ghana, Dr. Aggrey Darko has questioned the motive behind the actions of MPs seeking to review the autonomy status of the school.

Mr. Aggrey is of the view that the parliamentarians are not clear in their minds what they are seeking to do with the proposal.

Some legislators initiated a private members motion for a review of section 3 of the University’s act which gives only members of the school the privilege to have free access to the campus.

This comes in the wake of the university’s attempts to regulate the use of its roads.

Dr. Aggrey Darko said in an interview with XYZ News that it was necessary the position of the university is respected in this matter. He stated there was nothing wrong with the institution demanding pay for a service they may be providing for the public.

He therefore asked that parliament should err on the side of caution so as not to undermine the integrity of the existing structures that the law permits for running institutions.

“Should we amend every law because an individual sees a conflict with his desires and the power such a law gives to an institution that regulates such desire?”.

He therefore insisted that the institution, in any attempt to allow free access to the university’s premises by members of the public, would undermine the integrity of the institution, a chance they are not willing to take.

“If the rationale is to reduce the powers of the university to allow for unbridled access, we are going to undermine the university and posterity will not forgive us”

Dr. Aggrey Darko is positive that “restriction of access” guarantees the integrity of the systems the university has in place.