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Slum Education: The Case of Abura St. Lawerence Primary/JHS

Comment: This is misinformation at its best

Abeeku Mensah
2014-03-19 14:48:07
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Re: Slum Education: The Case of Abura St. Lawerenc

In the first darn place there is no community in Cape Coast called Abura because Abura is not a town, community or enclave neither is it a district or assembly in Cape Coast it may be a district or Assembly in the Central Region.
Secondly your input, Antiochus only goes to show the kind of bushmen using the ghanaweb to expose their ignorance even as they proudly display an intact African folly; you’ve proven the UK has not yet removed the inner trash, diminished intellectual capacity and tribal bigotry within you since you left the African shores. You probably do not understand the strangle hold tribal politics has on Ghanaians here at home and in the Diaspora to know that it is rather tribal preferences that has destroyed Ghana.
People are suffering in Ghana not because of NDC or NPP but because Ghana is made up of people lacking love of or for country irrespective of where they lived or live period. In the UK and or USA where most in the NPP obtained their college credentials none in the majority Caucasian race in either nation would fight to destroy their respective countries because of some African enlightenment they may have had on a visit to Africa. Those of you in the Diaspora do pay taxes to local governments and or the national governments and yet you seek every darn way to avoid paying taxes in Ghana by foul means. The misery and filth at Abura St. Lawrence School is brought on by people in positions of power (NPP, NDC, CPP, PPP, you name it) most of whom lived, worked and earned credentials in the Diaspora but only mastered in greed and the me (wealth seeking crap) ideology where a Ghanaian life is understood not be worth but a nickel.
You do not work to serve the interest of Ghana in the Diaspora but provide service for the development of a civilized nation. The government services you may have seen at work in UK comes courtesy of the taxes people pay which goes to improve school buildings, roads and etc irrespective of which political party is in government in UK. You are a slave with shackles still tight on the brains but you can still learn from rubbing elbows with the civilized Caucasian majority.

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This is misinformation at its best
Abeeku Mensah
03-19 14:48