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Diasporian News of Thursday, 13 February 2014

Source: Reagan O.O Osarfo

Alleged Fraudster CK Morgan Finally Speaks.

Alleged fraudster and acclaimed UK based artist CK Morgan has finally responded to allegation earlier levelled against him by Allo Tigo host and radio personality Jon Germain, calling the pop singer a liar in a statement released late last Sunday on his personal website.

Germain who is also known for his success as a pop singer has threatened to sue CK Morgan for fraud after releasing an unfinished collaboration song titled "Facebook Love” which he (CK Morgan) did not pay him for as earlier agreed between the two. According to Jon, CK pleaded with him to take $2000 instead of his normal $4000 charge per collaboration which he accepted out of favour. But CK refused to pay the money and went on to release the same song he claimed Jon should have revisit his verse.

In an interview with CK on Twitter (DM), he said he wasn’t ready to talk much and that we can read a statement from his timeline. This is an unedited copy of a statement released by the alleged fraudster CK on his website last Sunday in response to an interview granted by Jon Germain to a website in Ghana.


The story Mr Jon Germain put out there Yesterday is not even close to the truth ,CK Morgan Contacted Jon Germain Through twitter for a Collaboration , Germain said he might not even charge CK for the record ,depending if he likes the record or not ,CK Morgan send Jon a song called “Facebook Love” he agreed to do it ,until then there was no payment discussed until the song was actually done ,the first time when we all heard the song ,we all looked at each other and thought ,whats this “click clack” as a Honest Team We told CK Morgan Straight Away this cant go out ,or else this is going to be a disaster for your career, even as a first official Single ,at the end of the day CK Morgan kinda liked it at the beginning but latter in the evening Changed His Mind ,After the whole team and Manager and even including the Director hearing Jon Germain Verse they Straight said “Wack” CK we want the best for you ,so this has to go “Sorry” CK Morgan Kinda felt Bad for Jon Germain as he didn’t know how to tell him ,CK Morgan was suppose to Meet Jon Germain to discuss the Video and off course to settle Jon ,But It Never Happen as CK was also doing his thing at the time ,and Jon Germain never Contacted ck On a Sunday they were suppose to Meet , He latter said I’m off to “London ” So My Assistant Will Deal with ck ,After two days latter Samantha claimed Manager of Jon Germain Contacted CK Morgan Through Whats-app and Said Hi CK How are you ? CK Morgan Responded Whos This please after some time Samantha then said to CK I’m Jon Germains Manager ,Tried to call you but couldn’t get through

As Samantha was trying to Call CK and couldn’t get Through CK Asked Samantha if he could bare with him , as he was busy ? CK Morgan latter Called Samantha as there was a mis communication going on ,and they finally set a date to meet , which was a week latter on the day they were supposed to meet something came up ,so we had to cancel the meeting ,and said we should do it tomorrow ? But then it was time for CK to be honest and tell Germain the truth ,ck sended Jon Germain a long voice note asking if he could redo his verse as he played the song to a couple of people , people weren’t feeling Jon Germain verse as he wasn’t really talking about Computer Love ” CK Morgan Message was that he wanted nothing but the best for Jon Germain ,but unfortunately Mr Germain didn’t understand it and had to say Im no longer interested and ck tried to set the record straight and said we can always put the song out there as a remix ,as CK Morgan Recorded another “second Verse ” We was never going to release the song with Jon Germain ,it was just going to be CK Morgan in the song , after ck was still trying to put out a remix with Mr Jon Germain , Jon Germain said He tried all he can to deliver and thats the best he could do ,latter everything was cool and ck moved forward after everything was cool ck received a Whatsapp Messeage from somebody saying that Jon Germain is looking for ck ? CK Morgan was so shocked that he contacted Germain and asked why is he going around and talking crazy about CK? he said thats not true until ck showed him a screen shoot of what Germain Said ,He then replied Oh Sometimes when im quick tempered i get angry so quick?

The Reason Why Mr Germain was probably Angry is because he felt offended after CK Morgan asking him to change his verse !

CK Morgan then said to Jon Germain How Childish that was off Him and they just left the record as it was , Jon Germain lied about waiting for 2 months for CK Morgan but thats not really the truth as the song was only send to CK on the 8th of January 2014 so How can that be 2 Months

CK Morgan was Minding His Business on the 8th of February ,He Received a Fone Call From Jon Germain and he said is this CK Morgan ,and ck responded “yes”

Jon Germain Started Swearing and using words like Fuck and He said Why the fuck is the song on Hulk share for Download ,CK Morgan tried to say to Jon Germain Calm Down but Jon Germain kept going in on CK that’s when CK got angry and started firing back ” unfortunately Mr Germain Hanged Up ” CK Morgan was Confused as CK Morgan Never Released any type of Song If he did am sure he would have been tweeting the song or RT the song ,CK then saw the tweet and Asked the person to take the song down as that’s not the current version his releasing but the person refused to take it down ,after that we received another call from Jon Germain “

Threatening CK Morgan and saying You don’t know who your fucking with ,that’s when CK Morgan got really angry and insulted Mr Jon Germain and then latter hanged up after all the aggressive telephone conversation, we latter found out that the studio guy who did CK Morgan final Vocal Voice “Leaked the song ” On Hulk share as he loved the the Record so Much and latter was Asked to Remove the record from “Hulkshare”

CK Morgan Never had anything to do with the song being released, After everything was a lil bit cool,Jon Germain him self issued a press Release Calling “CK Morgan” a Fraudster CK Morgan Never Made any Twitter account insulting Jon Germain “CK Morgan aint a hypocrite to be sitting on the computer Making account and insulting people that’s not necessary”

CK Morgan latter Posted on Instagram to Announce to the World that the story Jon Germain put out today is not true ,i guess Mr Germain was feeling bored and upset and was doing this out of publicity , ,and he latter said if you think this is going to bring me down ,then Im letting you know now, that was an Epic Fail . I leave everything to God ,Whatever is in the Dark Comes to the light as he latter then said “Silence is Gold” but Karma is a bitch Mr Germain might be laughing and Enjoying this right now but the one who laughs now is the one who laughs at Best .CK Morgan doesn’t wish to speak to any type of press concerning this matter as he doesn’t see fighting over something which is not worth it ,he also said you see why in the black Community we cant get along with each other its, because we are all to busy Competing with each other and hating on Each other why cant we all just make Music and get along !

CK Morgan said He will be Moving on, and will be Releasing the Official Version of Facebook Love any moment from now Without Jon Germains Verse , and to set the record straight he neither has any beef with Akwaboah or any Artist ,He said they are dope and wish them Good Luck !

Your Sincerely

Barbara Johnson

CK Morgan Puplicist&Assistant

After a series of tweets from the alleged fraudster’s Twiter handle, which one reads ‘I’m all about support in this black community we are in tha’s what we need but what u saw 2day from Jon Germain big fat liey thnx 4 publicity’, CK released this and said to this reporter he is not going to talk to any media on this caes anymore since all Jon Germain is saying is nothing but lies. When asked about the other reported victims, he said he doesn’t owe anybody and that silence is gold.

Meanwhile Jon Germain has promised to take the case on since he is not the only victim to the alleged fraudster. ‘I’m lying? Jay Ghartey is lying? Mzbel is lying? James Gardner is lying? Akwaboah is lying? He should just wait’ Germain said.

More revelation coming in everyday with different people coming in with similar allegations against the alleged fraudster. Keep reading as we promise to bring to you the real truth of this matter.

Reagan O.O Osarfo