General News of Friday, 7 February 2014

Source: The Enquirer

IGP saboteurs get busy again

After earlier mischief backfires, saboteurs and mischief makers within the hierarchy of the Ghana Police Service pulling the Inspector General of Police (IGP) down are at it again.

Before the IGP, Mr. Mohammed Alhassan, was awarded the current contract, he had to go through hell, as he was bombarded with huge tonnage of mud.

Immediately the appointing authority announced his two-year contract, his saboteurs and detractors moved into high gear to smear him with mud. As if that wasn’t enough, after a while, the same elements are out with lies and serious fabrications against the otherwise hardworking IGP.

This time, the IGP’s detractors are raining lies on him again to the effect that the IGP is not making use of the chain of command within the service. They criticized him and further spread lies about the IGP to junior officers and personnel of the service. They simply wanted the junior ranks to believe that the IGP is not a team player and that, most of the things that he has been credited with are not his initiatives.

But a senior officer (name withheld) at the police headquarters yesterday told ‘The Enquirer’ that those working against the IGP are simply not abreast with time. It is instructive to know that the IGP himself goes out to patrol in town at odd hours and it was even reported on various media platforms how the inspector arrested some miscreants at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra.

According to the Senior Officer, the detractors went deep with their heinous schemes at the time the IGP was offered a contract but they could not survive with their falsehood. He told ‘The Enquirer’ that the IGP, as a leader of the team involves all commanders in his schedule of affairs and that was a hallmark of a good leader.

Expressing utter shock at the agenda of the saboteurs, he told ‘The Enquirer’ that the police service does not need to engage in such heinous activities. The Senior Officer explained further to ‘The Enquirer’ that; “ the police service, just like any other human institution, may have persons who would not be happy with the IGP, but that does not mean that slandering him among other things should be their practice as it is just not about the way to go”.

This IGP has been credited with the ‘police visibility concept’, which has resulted in crime reduction in major cities throughout the country. Mr. Alhassan was showered with praises before, during and after the last Christmas and New Year festivities with how the police were able to rid various cities of miscreants.

The yuletide was hugely seen as incident-free because of how the Ghana Police Service worked during that period.

Armed robbers are having a tough time because of the presence of the police in every part of the country with the introduction of the visibility programme.