General News of Friday, 7 February 2014


‘Don’t privatise National Food and Buffer Stock Company’

Food Sovereignty Ghana (FSG), a civil society group in the country, has kicked against the privatisation of the National Food and Buffer Stock Company (NFBC).

It said privatising the NFBC would be working against the interest of farmers.

A statement issued by FSG said privatising the agency would be creating a new class of profiteering middlemen and gamblers to suck the investment in agriculture.

It was in reaction to comments by the Minister of Food and Agriculture, Mr Clement Humado, that the government intended to privatise the NFBC.

The minister had indicated that the government had initiated legislative processes to privatise the NFBC because the government did not have money to pump into the running of the organisation.

But the FSG expressed shock and disappointment at the move by the government.

It wondered if the government wanted to hand over the food supply chain to multinational agribusiness corporations who could control Ghana’s farmers and agriculture more easily with the tendency of creating artificial shortages to facilitate increases in the prices of food.

“This a lose-lose proposition for farmers and for Ghanaians. Farmers lose money and Ghanaians pay more for food,” the statement indicated.

On the other hand, it said, “It is a win-win proposition for gamblers and exploiters, the very people who have driven up food prices worldwide, making obscene fortunes, while millions starve in the midst of plenty.”