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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populism - Pratt Fires


2014-02-03 06:25:07
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Since when did Kwesi Pratt become so concerned about the state of the Christian church? Is he Kwesi Pratt a church goer? Who is Kwesi Pratt in the scheme of things in this country that he considers himself an authority of who should and who should not criticize govt or anybody? The impudence of it all. Much as we would all rather like to have a situation where religious people desist from getting involved in or making political comments, it gets to a point where I can begin to understand their concerns about the state of the nation. After all they are also Ghanaians. They have non-cleric wives, children, friends, relations and so on who either depend on them or express political views to them on a daily basis. Does Pratt want them to pretend to be deaf, dumb, insensitive and blind to their plight as he Kwesi Pratt is doing?

Myself Im not very religious but I must admit that the only sensible pronouncements on the poor state of governance in this country is coming not from economists, not from politicians, not from journalists, not from govt but ironically from the Clergy. This is because out of corruption, opportunism and ineptitude, our elected politicians and media practitioners have all in concert and by dereliction of duty, relegated themselves into the abysmal and shameful ranks of utter public disrespect and scorn.

They, including one of the most prominent opportunists ever in this country, Kwesi Pratt, have lost all public credibility and the moral authority to speak to the public.

Worse of all his brand of insidious nation-wrecking opportunism is dependent on the current unprecedented levels of corruption that this country has ever seen. And he has the audacity to point his fingers at others. How dare he?

If Kwesi Pratt thinks he is clean, he should boldly come out to tell the public how and where he acquired his cars and his office building from where he operates his newspaper that barely sells 200 copies a week.

It is people like Kwesi Pratt who give socialists a bad name and discourage others from even considering it as the last remaining option for development. Such a man who shouts and screams at the top of his voice at American imperialism and the very next moment he surreptitiously sneaks under cover of night into the American Embassy to hob-nob withe American Ambassador and sell his own country-men to foreigners. What a shameful character.

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