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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populism - Pratt Fires

Comment: Useless, naked populism by Methodist Pas

Joel Asiamah
2014-02-03 06:11:01
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Methodist Bishop engaged in useless, naked populis

I support the views of Kwesi Pratt 100%.
The Reverend's pronouncements betray the christian belief that prayer is the key to heaven's door for the out-pouring of God's blessing. I believe that the Reverend's faith in the Lord has waned - spiritual things no longer mean anything to the Reverend - waiting in patience no longer important. Isa.40:31. Instead of the Reverend to be chewing meat by virtue of his long years in the christian service, rather he is feeding on milk like a baby!!!!Reverend please grow, be truly transformed and be renewed in mind and stop meddling in worldly matters that will excite doubts as to the God you serve.I feel that the Reverend's presence in the priestly profession is no longer of any value - materialism has now occupied his mind and wants to play the political game of the world. Reverend could you convince any one that your recent pronouncement has converted any soul to the lord? Think about the vow you took when you decided to take the cross - God has a way in dealing with people who profess to be serving HIM but deep in their hearts, the urge is purely for economic gain and self-fame.

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Useless, naked populism by Methodist Pas
Joel Asiamah
02-03 06:11