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GPL drops to Africa's 10th best in latest ratings

Comment: Which World Cup Pedigree.???

2014-02-03 11:13:41
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Akwasi N. raised your head now!

KojoLee, which world cup pedigree are you talking about.? Don't you have information other African countries have reached quarter finals long before Ghana got there.? Senegal, Cameroon were there and even performed more spectacular than Ghana did in South Africa. What kind of celebrations of mediocrity is this Ghana has involved herself,? Many African countries at your backyard give Ghana all manner of soccer troubles yet Ghana in self deciet claim to be at fore fron of African football when in 35 years Ghana has not been able to win any trophy in all competitions at senior level. KojoLee, what progress or pedigree are you refering to.??? Continue to tickle yourself and laugh.

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02-03 04:20
Which World Cup Pedigree.???
02-03 11:13