General News of Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Source: Daily Guide

TESCON UDS chases Rawlings

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) TESCON at the University for Development Studies, Navrongo Campus, wants former President Jerry John Rawlings to substantiate corruption allegations against ex-President J.A. Kufuor, or forever hold his peace.

“Persistently, former President Rawlings has accused former President Kufuor of corrupt practices at every given opportunity without good grounds. But sincerely speaking, looking at corruption, Mr. Rawlings should have known better to clean his house before attacking and accusing former heads of states of monopolizing corruption.”

A statement titled ‘Ex President Rawlings Should Substantial Corruption Claims Against Kufuor Or Keep Quiet,’ issued in Navrongo and jointly signed by Arthur Emmanuel Oppong and Musah Salahu-deen, TESCON president and communications officer respectively, said utterances of Mr. Rawlings were unbecoming of a former president.

“Mr. Rawlings took Mr. Kufuor to his unfair, unguarded and land of baseless criticisms, when signing the book of condolences upon the demise of Nelson Mandela and at Adidome SHS.

“The truth is that Mr. Rawlings had a wonderful platform to elucidate to the deserving Ghanaians, his wife’s kalabuley way of acquiring a state-owned factory, which is the NSAWAM CANNERY. Marbey & Johnson happened under his watch. The sale of the Tamale Catering Rest House to Huudu Yahaya all happened with the support of former President Rawlings.

“If Mr. Rawlings wants us to believe that he frowns at corruption, judgement debt deals happened under the party he founded, the never ending list of WOYOME, WATERVILE, ISOFOTON etc. which led to Justice Dotse’s famous assertion of CREATE, LOOT and SHARE brigade, demands his attention.”

The group wanted to know what Mr Rawlings had done as far as corruption was concerned, asking, “Why is Mr. Rawlings silent on the massive corruption under President Mahama, from SADA, GYEEDA to SUBA colossal sums of monies have been paid to undeserving crooks and cronies of NDC.

“What has Mr. Rawlings done about these heinous crimes perpetuated against the state, but rather attack former President Kufuor without basis?”

They claimed that Mr. Rawlings’ attack on former President Kufuor “stem from jealousy given the way the international community has embraced Mr. Kufuor and using his talents, skills and dexterity across the globe on various United Nation duties and other bodies.”

“Former President Kufuor is a complete statesman because he is the embodiment of values a statesman must have; compassion, conviction, integrity, sincerity, generosity, loyalty, dignity, and humility, these are values earned by one’s actions, not by unguarded and baseless outburst as has been exhibited by former President Rawlings.”

They said, “Mr. Rawlings will do himself so much good by cleaning his own house, the NDC and stop the unnecessary vituperations and vilifications of President Kufuor.”