Ghana begins testing for GM cotton production

Comment: Ghana begins testing for GM cotton Produ

Raphael Obu-MSC Prostate Cancer .
2013-09-23 03:33:34
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The Morroans of the Gh Elite,Disgraceful

This is insanity in the part of our so call big men. But did they consult with the experts in the medical field? Are the advocates of buy made in Ghana goods aware of this development? If they are not aware then i challenged everyone who is health conscious to read this articleby the editors ofPure Health MD. According to them food that is genetically modified means that the original DNA structure has been changed. You can also review the books by one of the leading investigators in the area Jeffrey Smith :He has authored a book : Seed of deception and genetic Roulette: The documented health Risks of Genetically engineered foods. He leads a group called the institute for Responsible Technology that supports healthy food choices. According to him GMO health risk in animals include-infant mortality and low birth weights in offspring rats, damaged sperm cells in offspring mice, altered DNA functioning in offspring mice, sterility or infertility problems in pigs and cows fed GM corn, fertility problems, premature births, abortions, death and other health issues in buffaloes, bleeding stomachs, damaged organs and immune systems, kidney inflammation, problems with blood and liver cells, potential precancerous cell growth. Between1994 and 2001-the same time that GMO'S flooded the market-food related illness DOUBLED. Gmos food can be ,Allergenic, Toxic, Carcinogenic and anti-nutritional. Well since our so call big have started lets what will come up with this. Remember we are all leaving in it. If you think you are a big Tree,You are a small ASS. You can also read the WHAT EVERYMAN MUST KNOW BEFORE AND AFTER 4OYEARS-PROSTATE HEALTH. Available at St johns General hospital-Tantra hills.In Ghana ,the men are battling with prostate cancer and low sperm count not to talk of premature ejaculation and low sexual performance. The young ladies are also battling with uterine fibroid , fertility issues and Breast cancers. So why do this our big men?

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Ghana begins testing for GM cotton Produ
Raphael Obu-MSC Prostate Cancer .
09-23 03:33