Religion of Friday, 30 August 2013

Source: Daily Graphic

Catholics urged to share the Word of God

The Parish Priest of the Christ the King Catholic Church, Very Reverend Father Andrew Campbell (SVD), has urged Catholics to share the gospel of God with others.

He said it behooved Catholics and Christians to commit their energies to proclaiming Christ to all peoples to win souls for Christ.

Very Rev. Campbell made the call last Saturday in a sermon in honour of the Supreme Officers of the Knights and Ladies of St. John International, US; a Catholic organisation, who are visiting Ghana.

The sermon had the theme: “A World to Win for Christ”.

The Supreme Officers’ visit forms part of their programmed tour of West African countries including Ghana, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, to interact with members of the organisation and to chart the way forward.

Very Rev. Campbell said it was the duty of every Catholic society to lead its members to holiness, Christ and prayers to stand the test of any temptation. He urged the officers and Catholics in general to learn the doctrines and faith of the Church and defend it at all times.

He appealed to all, especially Catholics, to be committed to the will of God, shun social vices such as cheating, bribery and corruption and live exemplary lives for others to emulate.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Most Rev. Charles Palmer-Buckle, on behalf of the Catholic Church, welcomed the visitors and advised the officers to work diligently for the church because “they are the salt of the earth and the light of the world.”

Brigadier General Sir Samuel Kofi Asubonteng, First Vice Supreme Subordinate President of Ghana’s branch of the organisation, said the group was a semi-military organisation, which used the Word of God to win souls for Christ in the church.

General Dale Gossianx, Supreme President of the organisation, thanked the leaders of the Catholic Church in Ghana for their warm reception.