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Sir John must avoid Atta Akyea as Lawyer for his own good

Comment: Fair Verdict or Contempt of judgement

Koforidua Flowers (fr)
2013-08-11 14:12:17
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Just think of how it is going to end.Justice Atuguba once said 'At long last the battle is endend... and therefore,let all the NPP leaders and outstanding members be paraded for questions(for fear of the glorious CONTEMPT)I should have express my sentiments.Anyway,you may blackwash a white sheep,the mercy of rain will get it clean once again.Oh for fear of troublesome Contempt,am about to be optimistic our judges will come out with the VERDICT that will embrace all Ghanaians else, Justice Aduguba and his worriors may be forced indeed if need be face Contempt of Judgement Memories in the past years of our economic woes and subsequent poor health care are all testimonies to our need for a very clear cut and fair PLAY for the BETTERMENT of progress, development and Unity.We were all observers and witnesses.

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08-11 08:01
Fair Verdict or Contempt of judgement
Koforidua Flowers (fr)
08-11 14:12