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3 robbers die in fire exchange with police

Comment: Which "Civilized Country?"

2013-08-01 17:01:46
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Good. Job done Ghana Police

Mr. Mandingo:

1. You seem to have missed the sequence of events on the Kumasi-Accra road: a) the suspected criminals went through a Police readblock in at ettempt to escape; b) the Police gave chase; c) the suspected criminals fired at the Police; the Police then returned fire in self-defence. In any part of the world, civilized or uncivilized, the Police "counteraction" would be perfectly lawful.

2. If the "civilized country" you refer to includes Canada and the US, then your statement is wrong again. The Kumasi Police counteraction is exactly what goes on in these "civilized countries". In fact, the Police in these countries are much more irritable and quicker to shoot.

Depending on the circumstances, you can be shot by a Canadian Police Officer for just disobeying a 3rd order to drop your knife -- just a knife. One of my neighbours and I were discussing a similar topic the other day. Listen to what this White Canadian lady said: A Ghanian Police Officer may be corrupt; but, at least, he is more intelligent than a Canadian Police Officer. Canadian Police Officers shoot guns and tasers and kill even homeless people in the streets.

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Which "Civilized Country?"
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