General News of Thursday, 20 June 2013

Source: AFAG

STATEMENT: Fight against corruption; Mahama clueless

The Alliance for Accountable Governance, AFAG, doffs it hat for Mr. Martin A.B.K. Amidu, former Attorney General and Minister for Justice for his relentless role in ensuring that Ghana recoups some 40 million euros doled out illegally to Waterville Holding Ltd. and Mr. Alfred Woyome.

It would be recalled that, insults rained on Mr. Amidu when he took upon himself the role and task of citizen vigilante to fight against corruption which had become (and still is) so endemic within the National Democratic Congress (N.D.C) government. This singular act was misconstrued for ‘misconduct’ by the N.D.C. government and consequently led to the dismissal of this noble man who in many other jurisdictions would have earned the applause of all.

Today this ‘misconduct’ has paid off, as Ghanaians have a story to tell generations unborn that at a time when the NDC government decided to defend with unrestrained abandon, the act of looting the tax payers money in an innovative but criminal fashion by way of judgment debts, one man in the person of Mr. Martin Amidu decided to be the social conscience of the party and ensured that the Ghanaian knew the root of gargantuan proportions of corruption and official duplicity which blossomed under the NDC government.

It is however, refreshing to note that Mr. Amidu was not alone in this fight against these economic vampires whose main objective is to milk the state till the last drop. The voice of the masses that came out loud in their numbers at AFAG’s ‘ATTA WAYO’ demonstration is worth mentioning. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong, NPP MP for Assin North, cannot be left out for the whistle blowing role he played in bringing this issue of reckless dissipation of the country’s scarce resources to the fore.

Whiles many regard the ruling of the Supreme Court as progress, it is the considered opinion of AFAG, that this progress is only precarious in that it brings us face to face with yet another challenge of enforcing the judgment. Thus, until frantic steps are taken by the N.D.C government to enforce this landmark judgment, the judgment will forever remain meaningless and useless to the Ghanaian taxpayer.

Unfortunately, there is no glimmer of hope under the current NDC administration, given that all those who partook in this dastardly act of ‘creating, looting and sharing’ from the national treasury still parade themselves on the streets of Accra with their heads and shoulders high and enjoy unrestricted freedom under the canopy of President John Mahama. What has happened to Mr. Henry Martey Newman, Ebow Barton Oduro and Betty Mould Iddrisu who all remain complicit in this affair? Section 61 subsection 5 of the The Financial Administration Act of 2003, clearly states that;

‘Where any sum of money is lost to the Government by misconduct, neglect of duty or negligence by any person employed in the collection or receiving of any public moneys, the person is accountable for the sum, as if the person had collected and received it and it may be recovered from that person as if he collected and received it.’

In line with the spirit and the letter of this act, we urge the president to take the necessary action against the said persons and or any other person complicit in the matter.

Indeed, our conviction of why President Mahama would let Ghanaians down once again is reinforced with the enormous trust and confidence the President has in his AG and Minister of Justice, Marrieta Brew Oppong, whose legal firm has a long standing relationship with the NDC financier and Waterville Holdings Limited. It therefore remains no secret at this point that her appointment as AG and Minister for Justice is nothing but a defense mechanism to shield and protect the conspirators of this ‘evil’ act against the good people of this country.

Thus, the only way President Mahama, can salvage his already sunk image as far as the fight against corruption is concerned is to unconditionally relieve Marrieta Brew Oppong of her duties as Minister, sack Mr. Tony Lithur for bringing the presidency into disrepute and immediately cause the arrest of all involved in this heinous crime against Ghanaians.

For a country which currently struggles to meet her financial obligations to her workers, the least we expect from Mahama is to take a cue from President JF. Kennedy of the United States of America when he stated “ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”. Mr. President you are uniquely positioned to do something for your country at this particular time.

The way to go is not to over burden the already burdened Ghanaian with excessive taxes or abnormal increases in utility tariffs, rather to prevent financial leakages in the system.

Thank you. Clueless


Davis Opoku Ansah

Abu Ramadan

Harold Boateng

Dr. Nana Ayew Afriye