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Stop the ‘galamsey’ - China warns nationals

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Frank Agyena-Karikari
2013-06-07 08:55:21
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release them in ghana? they must leave

We are all watching what or leaders will do in this Chinese invasion of Ghana. If it were in China, the Ghanaians would have been put trial and executed. Are these Chinese allowed to own guns in China? Ask them what is the punishment for that in China. What is this nonsense about these talk of release? They break the country's laws with impunity and we are talking about release? Would Communist Red China do so to any Ghanaian found to be wielding guns and fighting the local people? These miscreants should be put in fined and put in prison and later deported. That will serve as a warning to them. Track their Ghanaians who are shielding them and jail them too.
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06-07 03:02
Frank Agyena-Karikari
06-07 08:55