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Doctors' strike bites

Comment: Students loans

effua mansa
2013-04-10 00:15:51
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they should be contracted to do the job. They must also pay their students loans and leave to the country to go and practice somewhere. We are tired of their manipulations; they also have families in ghana, and if they deemed it fit to treat their failies and let others die, so be it. What is the definition of revolution? I don't mean by guns or coup; but by the government taking the bull by the horn and put sanity into civil services. After all, a ship does not capside with only one person. In developed countries, all professional bodies have contracts and licenses to practice and strictly bind by ethics of their profession. In Rawlings' era, students were used, until sanity was brought back into the system. If they do not like their income, they should quietly leave and go to practice in Lagos as they did in the 80's. If it their wish for people to suffer and die, May the Almighty judge them by visiting their families, so that they know how painful it is to have such wicked intentions. May they and their families experience no pain in their lives. They cause the government with utility bills by using government facilities to for private practice and still have the impudence to subject the whole nation to ransome! God will definately judge us all. How many lawyers come out to work in the civil service? they should all be relieved into private practices as in developed countries. After the tax payers contribution to train you, being absorbed into the system with accomodation and job opportunities;using government facilities to earn extra income, you still have the courage to smack the tax payer in the face? they should go to blazes and satisfy their desire to see Ghanaians suffer without medical care.

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04-09 21:50
Students loans
effua mansa
04-10 00:15