Crime & Punishment of Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Source: Daily Guide

Dead man robbed

The woes of a bereaved family at Akurem in the Asawase Constituency in Kumasi deepened after the deceased was allegedly robbed at gunpoint by some suspected robbers.

The robbers reportedly took away the suit and other jewels that had been used to dress the dead person (name unavailable) whilst he was laid in state.

After that, the robbers turned the heat on mourners present and robbed them of their mobile phones and money before fleeing.

Sanni Abacha, a witness, said the sad incident took place at the Akurem School on Saturday around 5 am.

The deceased, a male, believed to be in his early 40s, had been laid in state for mounters to pay their last respect when the robbers pounced on the body.

The hoodlums, wielding deadly weapons including guns, ordered the mourners to surrender all their belongings or they would shoot them dead.

Abacha said the hoodlums then dashed for the dead body which was nicely dressed and laid in a coffin.

The robbers, without showing any mercy, started removing the nicely sewn suit which the deceased was wearing for the journey of no return.

After stripping the corpse naked, the robbers took away all the

jewels and other valuable items used to dress it.

Not satisfied with their booty, the hoodlums, at gunpoint, robbed all the mourners at the funeral.

After the robbery spree, the robbers jumped into a waiting car and fled.

Sanni Abaeha said the bereaved family and residents were shocked to the marrow over the incident which had never happened in the area.

Despite the calamity that befell them, the bereaved family managed to arrange for a new suit to dress the dead man.

Sanni Abaeha noted that the deceased was buried some hours after the robbery, followed by a funeral in the afternoon on the same day.