Entertainment of Sunday, 24 February 2013

Source: GhanaWeb

GH music industry is likely to decline like ECG – A.J Nelson

Ghana's entertainment industry has seen an appreciable growth over the past few years. The industry is now a major employer of an appreciable number of the populace.

However, with the recent fuel increases and power problems in Ghana, rapper A.J Nelson believes the growth of the industry is likely to decline.

“The 'dum sor dum sor' is killing us. Artistes, producers, actors and actresses alike are spending more these days on a single production. I've not been able to complete even a single studio session for the past month because the power is not stable. You can spend the whole day in the studio but can't do anything because of the power problem. Studios are also charging more these days because if you need to get your work done they have to spend more to fuel their generators. This is killing creativity, it is killing the industry!” he said.

According to A.J Nelson, if the government doesn't fix the power problems anytime soon the whole entertainment industry will see the biggest slump in fortunes ever witnessed in Ghana.

"Radio and TV stations are spending more just to be on air. Nightclubs are also spending more. To organize an event you need some serious back-up power because you can't trust the power supply. This is definitely not good. We need to fix the problem asap," he added.

A.J Nelson's latest single, Aden, was released last week. It features FlowKing Stone and Kodi, two of Ghana’s finest rappers.

The single is an inspirational hip-hop tune that encourages the down trodden to be hopeful in the face of backbiting and discouragement because God makes everything possible. The rhythm and instrumentation of the song has authentic Ghanaian roots.