Politics of Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Source: Al-Hajj

Akufo Addo Dumps Jinapor

After his failure to receive Pres Mahama’s pardon

-Suspects him of being a mole

By A A Yayra

The covert scramble among the rank and file of the New Patriotic Party on whose doorsteps the failed presidential ambition of its defeated flag bearer is laid is said to have claimed its first major dreadful casualty, as Samuel Abu Jinapor, garrulous aide to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has been pushed aside by his boss for obscene loyalty.

A former Constituency Secretary of the NPP in Bole, Haruna Mahama on an Accra based radio station, Radio XYZ two weeks ago hinted about certain frostiness in the relationship between Abu Jinapor and the man he loved to defend to the hilt, Nana akufo Addo.

According to Mr. Haruna “Abu has been accused as being a spy and a mole in the NPP…he has been ousted by Nana Addo. Why is it that after the election he is no more on radio defending him, I challenge him to come on air? I’m saying Abu’s relationship with Nana Addo is no more solid…Abu can no longer go to the NPP headquarters or Nana Addo’s residence, he will be chased out if he does so” he noted

Other information gathered by The Al-Hajj indicate that, the young chap whose role as a hatchet-man for Nana Akufo-Addo had earned him a certain notoriety and popularity on either side of the country’s political divide is being accused by members of his own party of passing classified information from the NPP’s inner circle to President John Mahama whose spokesperson, John Jinapor is his brother, and the National Democratic Congress.

Mahama Haruna told Radio XYZ that leading members of the NPP now suspect him of leaking the NPP’s campaign strategies to the NDC and that has contributed to the defeat of Nana Akufo-Addo.

“Abu’s political life is now oblique; the NPP has disowned him for disloyalty, and because he has over the years tongue lashed President Mahama, he can no longer go back to the NDC. He is now trying to play the prodigal son antics by falling on his father to apologize to the President…Abu should tell as if he had not made any attempt apologize to President Mahama for his wayward behavior during the election?” he quizzed

This sequel to earlier reports picked by this paper that immediately President Mahama was declared winner of the December 7 and 8 elections by the Electoral Commission, Abu Jinapor saw a lean opportunity ahead of him to pump some oxygen into his political life, hence retraced his steps to mend the fence he had disbanded through his deluge of foul-tasting verbal attacks to paint the President as the political devil incarnate.

A source disclosed to The Al-Hajj that, Abu Jinapor claimed to have realized his folly and the unavoidable lapses of youthful exuberance, and is seeking forgiveness for his incessant verbal attacks on President Mahama ahead of the 2012 election

The source revealed that “at the instance of Abu Jinapor, his father; Buipe-Wura Abdulai Jinapor, who is the chief of Buipe together with some respected members of his family tried to travel with Abu to South Africa to meet President Mahama when he was on holidays after the election to go and apologize to him, but for some reasons, the President ask them not to come because he was having some quite time with his family”

“Abu has been finding all means to meet President Mahama and apologize to him, but you know the President has been busy since he won the election so he is yet to grant him audience…but I can tell you for sure that Abu and his family wants His Excellency to forgive him” the source added

It would be recalled that at the heat of the December 7 and 8 elections, Abu Jinapor at a press conference in the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi described President Mahama as “myopic, visionless, reckless, irresponsible, petty-minded, and self-seeking tribal politicians, who has lost the battle of issues and so resorting to fanning ethnocentrism in the country”

In other instances, he bellowed that President Mahama had nothing to offer Ghanaians, saying “the President is recklessly driving Ghana back onto the road now abandoned by countries like Rwanda and Kenya, the dangerous road of tribal politics and we the young people of Ghana are cautioning him to stop this useless tribal politics”

In the wake of sober reflection by the NPP foul mouth, our source noted that, he has been ashamed of his conduct, especially towards President Mahama who the King of Gonja is reported to have been angry with for his perceived meddling in the Buipe chieftaincy wrangling through his spokesperson John Jinapor, brother of Abu Jinapor; whose father happens to be the chief of Buipe.

In 2010, the Gonja Traditional Council at one of its major sittings unanimously agreed to dis-skin the Buipewura Mahama Abdulai Jinapor following an alleged show of gross disrespect towards the Overlord of the Gonja Traditional Area, Yagbonwura Tuntumba Bore Essa Sulemana Jakpa I.

However, the embattled Buipewura, said the King and for that matter the Gonja Traditional Council of which he was a senior member, had no jurisdiction to de-skin him

The Buipewura, who felt his fundamental human rights had been infringed upon, headed for court to have the decision of the Gonja Traditional Council overturned of which a High Court ruled in his favor and the Gonja Traditional Council was asked to reinstate him to his position as substantive chief for Buipe (Buipewura) with all other privileges.

What makes the issue so interesting is that, President Mahama holds strong allegiance to the chief of Gonja; a chief that his spokesperson’s father is engaged in a bitter rift with.

Attempt to reach Abu Jinapor proved futile as he refused to answer and reply to our numerous calls and txt messages on the issue, a scenario which gave an inkling of something amiss.