Entertainment of Sunday, 3 February 2013

Source: Okofo-Dartey, Samuel

The Proposal

My eyes are glued to your person,
Riveted are they like a nail in a wood.
The charming fragrance of your grace
Ensnares my mental processes.
That benign beauty spills treasures.
I wait, wait for our mutual harvest.
A harvest of pleasure, not pain.
Grant me a bit of your attention,
Grant me a bit of your affection
Yield your fragile heart into my palm
And it shall be held as a priceless jewel.
These are not words of a boaster,
These are the tidings of an admirer,
An admirer who pipes love blues.
Daughter of Eve, grant me passage,
A passage into your world.
For how long will you be cold?
Do not quench my blissful fires.
Do not betray the obvious,
Liberate the wings of your love
Into my warm embrace. Relent not,
For today is ours, tomorrow is vapour.

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