General News of Saturday, 2 February 2013

Source: Charles Addo

CPP guru calls for referendum on gay rights

In order to lay to rest the controversies that have characterized criminalization or decriminalization on the rights of homosexuals in Ghana, a staunch member of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ernesto Kofi Yeboah, has called for a referendum to settle the matter.

According to the deputy communications director of the CPP, both Parliament and the judiciary cannot be rely on as far as saving the country’s future on the matter of homosexuality is concerned.

Offering explanations on his stance on his facebook page, Mr. Yeboah stated that if Ghanaians do not resort to a referendum to decide on the matter, politicians will continue to disappoint the citizenry.

“If we leave this matter in the hands of any intermediary either side would complain. Nana Oye Lithur would not act any differently. This is why I insist on a referendum where Ghanaians would decide directly to end this matter once and for all,” he stated.

The award winning youth activist alleged that the nomination and subsequent approval of gay right activist Nana oye Lithur as a minister of state by Parliament is a clear indication that the judiciary would as well see nothing wrong in endorsing gay activities in the country.

“Our judiciary has told us that they see nothing wrong in Jake [NPP Chairman] buying his own bungalow, they might tell us they see nothing wrong with the act if we leave it in the hands of our parliamentarians.

“We [Ghanaians] can be sure that the Parliament that received $5,000 to pass the sale of Ghana Telecom, according to PC Appiah-Ofori, that same Parliament that approved a loan facility to be secured from a hairdressing saloon is the same Parliament that finally approved the nomination of Nana Oye,” he added.