Health News of Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Source: XYZ

We won't be taken for granted again - GMA

Public sector Doctors say they will only stand down on their strike threat if their pension contributions and market premiums are upgraded to their previous levels.

The leadership of the Ghana Medical Association says the patience of its members has worn thin over those concerns and thus their threat to withdraw services by February 18.

They say the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission as well as the Finance Ministry and the Presidency have not been sensitive to their concerns despite numerous appeals in that regard.

General Secretary of the Association, Dr Frank Serebour, in an interview with XYZ News said the Doctors won’t have themselves taken for granted anymore.

“We have patience for one year and written to every single authority under the sun, even to the point we gave a letter to the President and the issue is that we still stay where we are”.

Meanwhile, Labour Analyst Senyo Adjabeng told XYZ News that despite the illegality of the Doctors’ strike threat; they have genuine concerns which have not been handled properly by those responsible.

Mr. Adjabeng blamed the current stalemate between the Doctors and the government on what he described as a systemic failure in handling labour matters in Ghana.