General News of Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Source: Al-Hajj

Konadu Rejoins NDC

By A A Yayra

Contrary to reports that the Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings’ led National Democratic Party has joined forces with the ‘Let My Vote Count Alliance’ to marshal support for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Co in court, The Al-Hajj can authoritatively report that the former first lady is on her way to her mother party, the National Democratic Congress.

This new development which has sent many political pundits trying to solve the puzzle that lay deep at the heart of what many could possible describe as a historic political theatrics of the century, was stamped upon by a very close associate to the former first lady.

According to a source at the Ridge residence of the former first couple, the NDP leader’s decision to rejoin the NDC was not the least in doubt; that some serious and deep-thinking went into it, especially considering the constant bashing the umbrella party received from leading members of the NDP. “Nana Konadu left the NDC because she was not satisfied with regard to their commitment to the principles on which the party was formed and the treatment meted out her husband, former President Jerry John Rawlings. Now that there is an improvement along those lines under the leadership and Presidency of John Mahama, it is natural that she retraces her root with the spirit of forgiveness, dedication and service” the source noted

The source noted that ever since President Mahama assumed the leadership role of the ruling NDC, the party has gone through a “dramatic change,” a development which could probably be the driving force wooing her back.

“It is true that the leadership of the NDC has not changed, it still has the same people but significantly, the raison d’être of Mrs. Rawlings departure from the NDC to lead the NDP has evaporated…her decision to sign another pact with the NDC is not predicated on the prospects of wealth or power, but rather is one of courage and commitment given that her spirit can best be at home in a structure she helped to build.” What is not clear, however, was whether Mrs. Rawlings will disband the NDP and rally its supporters back to the NDC; now that she claims “President Mahama has brought great improvement and unity in the party after the demise of late President Mills” The wife of the founder of the NDC, in 2011 resigned from her position as the party's Second Vice-Chairperson to contest the late President J.E.A Mills for the NDC flag-bearer-ship at Sunyani, which she managed to garner a mere 3.1% of the votes as against the late President’s 96.9 percent.

Subsequently, speculations became rife that she was polishing herself to run for President on the ticket of NDP, a breakaway party from the NDC; a report the office of the Rawlingses vehemently denied.

In a dramatic move, the wife of the NDC founder in less than 48 hours to a delegate congress by the NDP in Kumasi to elect a flagbearer resigned as a member of the NDC, a move that added much credibility to speculations that she may accept to run for President on the party's ticket.

Her resignation also came days after former President Rawlings indicated in an interview with Joy News, he will support his wife should she decide to contest the December 7, 2012 election.

After weeks of speculations and rumor mongering, it was later confirmed that Mrs. Rawlings would contest as Presidential candidate on the ticket of the NDP, but her dream was dashed prematurely due to the party’s inability to properly fill out her nomination forms, as a result she was caught by the deadline for submission of nomination forms to the Electoral Commission.

Though political pundits argued the NDC could suffer at the polls as a result of the formation of the NDP, the umbrella party managed to secure a first run victory by polling 50.70% of the total votes cast to beat its closest opponent, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party who polled 47.74 percent. It has been widely reported in the media that ever since President John Mahama assumed the leadership of the NDC, he has been making frantic efforts to unite the NDC.