General News of Thursday, 24 January 2013

Source: myjoyonline

Abudu Youth defy military orders and goes ahead with rehearsal

The Abudu youth in Yendi Tuesday night carried out its threats to defy orders from the military to desist from the rehearsals for the Damba festival scheduled for this weekend.

According to Joy News’ Correspondent, Martina Bugri, the rehearsal which passed out without any hitches was carried out in the full glare of military personnel who only looked on as the youth flouted the instructions.

Abdallah Sadiq, a spokesperson for the Abudu youth, said they are unwilling to officially inform the police of about the celebrations because their request will be used to secure a court injunction against them.

The Abudu youth claimed their rehearsal for this weekend’s festival was interrupted by the military on Monday night. They vowed to resist any attempt by the military to disrupt their rehearsals again.

Mr. Sadiqque speaking to Joy News dismissed assertions that there will be chaos if they are allowed to celebrate the Damba festival, adding they peacefully celebrated another festival in the past and the Damba festival will be no different.

He insisted the youth will confront the military if they try stop them from celebrating the festival, even if doing so will put their lives at risk.