General News of Thursday, 24 January 2013

Source: myjoyonline

IMANI Shines in International Think Tank Rankings!

The IMANI Center for Policy & Education made Ghana proud as it emerged one of the top10 civil society groups in Africa in the latest Global Think Tanks Survey.

The 2012 Global Go-TO Think Tanks index, launched on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at the World Bank in Washington, DC and in New York at the United Nations, ranked IMANI Ghana as 8th in Africa and among the top 100 worldwide.

The index, commissioned by the University of Pennsylvania is the result of an international survey of over 1,950 scholars, public and private donors, policy makers, and journalists who helped rank over 6,500 think tanks using a set of 18 criteria. The purpose of the rankings is to help improve the profile and performance of think tanks while highlighting the important work they do for governments and civil societies around the world.

Most of the top rankings in Africa were assigned to South Africa-based organizations. South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) placed first in the top 50 think tanks in Africa with the next five spots going to other South African think tanks. A Senegalese think tank placed 7th followed by IMANI at number 8.

However IMANI’s performance in other categories positions it as an emerging force in the global knowledge industry.

In the category of think tanks operating on an annual budget of less than 5 million dollars, IMANI placed 10th worldwide. IMANI is one of just 4 African think tanks ranked in this category.

IMANI is also one of only four African think tanks ranked in the top 80 think tanks globally for its excellence for proffering solutions for domestic Economic Policy problems. IMANI is one of only two African think tanks ranked in top 30 Global Think Tanks with the Most Innovative Policy Ideas/Proposals. Furthermore, IMANI is one of 6 African think tanks ranked in the top 65 Global Think Tanks with the Most Significant Impact on Public Policy. Interestingly, IMANI is the only African market-oriented think tanks to be ranked in 7 categories.

Besides IMANI, other Ghanaian organizations also made impressive showings. The Center for Policy Analysis ranked 11th, the Centre for Democratic Development ranked 13th, the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) was 21st, Centre for Development Studies and Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research occupied the 34th and 35th positions respectively, Justice and Human Rights Institute ranked 41st, and the Integrated Social Development Center (ISODEC) placed 50th in Sub Saharan Africa.

The 33rd Best Global Advocacy Campaign was awarded to the Center for Policy Analysis and the Kofi Annan International Peace and Training Center placed 60th in the Top 70 Security and International Affairs Think Tanks.