General News of Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Source: Abdul Karim Naatogmah

Blame MCE for any trouble in Yendi - Abudu Royals

The Abudu Royals in Yendi have accused the Yendi Municipal Chief Executive, Issah Zakaria of using his power to cause confusion in the area. Also, they have rejected the Municipal Security Committee’s decision to ban them from celebrating this year’s Damba festival.

The Abudus insist they will go ahead and celebrate the Damba festival which comes off tomorrow (Thursday).

According them, no amount of intimidation will stop them from exercising their right of celebrating any traditional festival.

The Assemblyman for Nayilifong electoral area, Ibrahim Zolge in an interview said, “There is political interference because some of the politicians like the Municipal Chief Executive who is the chief representative of central government in the municipality should have the chance to visit the Abudus and Andanis in Yendi.”

He accused the Yendi MCE of taking sides. “In a situation where the a Chief Executive in Yendi will take sides by only visiting the Andanis without the Abudus, automatically majority of the people will attribute it to political interference.”

Ibrahim Zolge advised the MCE saying, “He should try as much as possible as a leader to visit both sides, he should not take side and so he should pay equal attention to both sides of the chieftaincy divide.”

The Yendi Municipal Chief Executive, Issah Zakariah has declined to comment. The Damba festival is celebrated by most of the tribal groups of Muslim origin in Northern Ghana.

Some of the major tribes in northern Ghana including Dagombas, Gonjas, Mamprusis, Nanumbas and the Walas celebrate the Damba festival. The event is to remember the birth and naming ceremony of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammed.

Damba is a twin festival comprising, “Somo” Damba and “Naa” Damba. “Somo” Damba is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the prophet and Naa-Damba is held to mark his naming ceremony.