General News of Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Source: NPP New Generation

Statement: You Are Victor Owusu’s Nephew And So What?

PRESS STATEMENT You Are Victor Owusu’s Nephew And So What?

The NPP New Generation Group condemns the press release issued by Dr Charles Wireko Brobbey ,a man who calls himself a leading member of the party but who has unilaterally decided to undermine the party while it deals with a critical case in court.

A major problem in NPP are individuals like Wireko Brobbey whose claim to fame is that they are somebody’s grandson or somebody’s houseboy and so they should be given some respect. We are tired of party members who only want to be so called big men because their grandfather built the toilets at Kinbu and so on. Our party leadership should be based on loyalty, merit and commitment and we are afraid Dr Wireko Brobbey is seriously lacking in these departments. Dr Wireko Brobbey-who left the NPP and formed the United Ghana Movement because we would not allow him to become the flag bearer and today he wants to give advice!

Dr Wireko Brobbey who married Miss Joyce Aryee and left her a nervous wreck. Madam Joyce Aryee had to turn to religion to gain back her sanity! He cannot even look after a woman and he wants to dictate affairs in the party! Dr Wireko Brobbey, who enjoyed where he had not sown when ex president Kufuor on the basis of reconciliation and inclusiveness appointed him as chairman of the VRA and his antics there caused the party to lose huge votes in the 2004 elections in Greater Accra and Eastern Region.

Dr Wireko Brobbey ,who told lies to former President Kufuor about Dan Botwe and Issac Osei and lobbied frantically to be chair of the Ghana at 50 celebrations only to turn around to give contracts to NDC members like Kamel Norshie, currently NDC treasurer and others helping them to re organise themselves and defeat us in 2008. Does he think we do not know he ran secret personal communication sessions wth PV Obeng to help Professor Mills win the 2008 elections?

Dr Wireko Brobbey who thought fried eggs, sliced bread and quaker oats would convince party members to vote for him to be national chairman. The party members ate the food and gave him 20 votes thankfully!

The National Executive Committee of the party has taken a decision to go to court to contest the results. Some of us may not have agreed with this, but we are prepared to give them a chance, that is the mark of humility and leadership. The days of sheer arrogance , I am somebody’s so so and so are long gone. Some individuals think they can sit in Dubai or somewhere in space and come and lead NPP. Dr Wireko Brobbey should be ashamed of himself seeking to destroy NPP. Obviously he has not learnt from the tragedy his uncle ,Paa Wille and others caused for us in 1979 . We will never allow him to repeat his uncle’s mistakes. Only loyal committed and genuine members would lead NPP now and the future not carpetbaggers, opportunists and fair-weather friends who disappear when you need them and only appear after the food has been cooked.

Dr Wireko Brobbey is bad news and has nothing to offer. He is not a team player and NPP is better off without him.

Prosper Hormeku

Eunice Turkson

Nana Darkwa

NPP New Generation Accra.