General News of Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Source: Charles Addo

We’re not against Nana Oye but protecting Ghana’s future - Clergy

Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana, a religious group seeking to halt the appointment of Nana Oye Lithur as minister of state in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government has vowed to petition President John Mahama to rescind his decision of appointing the respected human right lawyer as minister.

According to the group, they are not against Oye Lithur in person, but fear her position on issues of homosexuality could influence government to enact a law to back the practice.

Pouring out their displeasure on Accra based Citi FM, Bishop Prince Benny Wood the spokesperson of the group noted: "We intend petitioning the president and parliament to reconsider the nomination. We are sure that even though we haven’t made a formal petition we hope that the president has heard us.

"But if nothing positive happens then we will petition the president and parliament. We are not against [her] as a person, but we are protecting the future of this nation."

The Power Vision International Church pastor added, "You can't define human rights with that kind of immorality (referring to homosexuality). This issue of human right is destroying the world.

We are not saying that people should take cutlasses and sticks and go and kill people. We are saying that if someone is doing something that isn’t right we should be able to tell them that it is wrong and if the person needs help we should give him or her instead of hiding behind human rights to support evil. That is all we are talking about".

Citing instances, the Bishop retorted that before President Obama became a Senator in United States of America his views on homosexuality changed because he was contesting for an election.

The group further charged President Mahama to declare publicly whether the position of late President Mills on homosexuality has been reviewed or still stands.