General News of Monday, 14 January 2013

Source: The Informer

Gloria Akuffo Confesses!

Says Akufo Addo & Jake Have Pushed Us Into An Embarrassing Corner

As the saying goes; “Town gentility; home cry!”

Gloria Akuffo, lead counsel for Akufo Addo’s reckless and inordinate desire to become President “at all cost”, is certainly suffering from a serious dissonance.

The one-time Deputy Attorney General, may be making a lot of false impression of having a good case but deep inside her, she knows she is only helping Akufo Addo make a nuisance of himself.

The Informer is reporting on concrete and insider authority that Gloria Akuffo knows she is fighting a lost battle.

Ms. Akuffo is reported to be complaining to close friends about how Akufo Addo is forcing her to lead the NPP into what is turning out to be a gargantuan legal embarrassment.

Ms. Akuffo has further confessed that it is precisely because she is trying to run away from the eminent public embarrassment that is why she asked for an in-camera hearing.

“Am sure you remember that we were asking for an in-camera hearing because we don’t want the world to see us put our embarrassing case across” an associate of Ms. Akuffo told The Informer.

What is causing greater embarrassment to Gloria Akufo, is how Akufo Addo and certificate-less Jake Otanka Obestebi- Lamptey forced the legal team to ask for the removal of Justice William Atuguba from the panel of Supreme Court judges, only for sane NPP minds to prevail and ask Ms. Akuffo to make a u-turn and withdraw their earlier senseless verbal request.

From all indications, Gloria Akuffo knows it for a fact that she is leading a frivolous and extremely vexatious legal battle, but is only going ahead with it just to satisfy the over bloated and self-conceited agenda of Akufo Addo to foist himself on Ghanaians in spite of the glaring fact that majority of Ghanaians have decided that he (Akufo Addo) and his ex mate Ursula Owusu will NEVER be given the opportunity to have over Ghana to the devil and his assigns.