Feature Article of Saturday, 12 January 2013

Columnist: Northern friends of JM

Congratulation John Dramani Mahama


We the Northern friends of JM wish to congratulate you for this occasion. Indeed hard work pays, it is through your hard work, exemplary leadership and your passion to contribute significantly to the development of your beloved country Ghana right from the parliamentary role through to becoming the Vice president under HE JEA Mills the blessed memory and subsequently the president after his call to glory that have brought you this far. We see this occasion as ordain by God, considering the processes and events leading to this ceremony thereby giving you the mandate to rule the people of Ghana for the next 4years. This trust of leadership given to you by the people of Ghana is a manifestation of your hard work, confidents and trust culminating into one touch victory.
Mr. President, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the reason why the people of Ghana have given you their overwhelming support and a one touch victory in the just ended election. The people of Ghana deserve; Quality education, Health, good roads and transport, water and sanitation, Housing, jobs and the efficient and judicious use of the tax payers money. This Mr. President Ghanaians are not begging but their rights as enshrined in the constitution under the directive principle of state policy. Remember we went through a rigorous campaign to get the NDC reelected. It's our wish that in 2016 as you once again seek the mandate of Ghanaians for reelected wewouldn’t have to campaign so much because Ghanaians will have been convinced that their expectations about your performance is met.
The quality of your leadership is once again called to display and that of the quality of men and women that will help you deliver to the expectation of Ghanaians. It is an undeniable fact that NDC has that quality men and women that will support you provide effective and efficient leadership to the admiration of the people of Ghana. The question is Mr. President, are Ghanaians still interested in seeing some or all the faces of the men and women of the just ended administration featuring in this current administration? Mr. President we leave this for you to answer, remember posterity will judge us if we fail to bring the right people on board to deliver because of the position we have taken against them and to undermine their qualities or for other reasons are isolated from the governance of our dear country Ghana. Together we stand, divided we fall. This is the time to extend hand of friendship to all meaning, capable, tried and tested men and women of the party such as Dr. Spio, Alhaji Amidu Amin Sulemana , to come on board for the consolidation of the batter Ghana agenda to and beyond.

The Northern friends of JM call on you to do all it takes to reunite with the feuding factions ( NDP) of the party, bring them on board and lets move and work together as before.

We wish you well Mr. President and will constantly stand by you in delivery the better Ghana agenda to and advise you when necessary for the one constructing a road does not know how crocket it is.

From- Northern friends of JM