Business News of Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Vanguard Assurance introduces ‘Elite Services Unit’

Vanguard Assurance Company, in a bid to serve existing and prospective clients with some urgency, has introduced an ‘Elite Class Unit’ in its insurance hall.

The introduction of the new unit coincided with the company’s Customer Service Appreciation month (CSAM); a period that allows top management staff to interact with customers at the front desk.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gideon Amenyedor was, himself, at the front desk on the first day, January 2, 2013, to interact with customers.

He told B&FT that he would be at the front desk for two days and would be followed by Executive-Vice Chairman, Mr. Daniel Awuah-Darko, before other management staff members take their turns till the end of the month.

The CEO said Vanguard Assurance; a CIMG Hall of Fame member, is also using the Customer Service Appreciation month to set up a cozy elite office to serve a certain category of clients.

According to him, the elite office, which is the first of its kind in the country’s insurance industry, will help the company to render faster service to clients whose premium income is of a certain threshold.

The innovation, Dr. Amenyedor emphasized, is meant to prove a point about the company’s care for its new and old clients and to help consolidate the future outlook of the nation’s insurance sector. He further noted that management’s decision to reinvent the Elite Service was part of efforts to strengthen the Vanguard brand’s portfolio in the country.

“We are not celebrating our successful past as a company but more significantly, we are looking into the future that starts now with new innovations.

“We are showing that we have potential to continue exploiting the high value added insurance sector,” he said.