General News of Wednesday, 9 January 2013


‘Powerful people’ in NDC set to worry Mahama- Awuni

The Executive Director of the Centre for Freedom and Accuracy ,Mr. Andrew Awuni has cautioned newly sworn-in president of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama against some hands in his party who could derail his governance in the first four years of his administration.

According to Mr. Awuni, John Mahama will not have the free hand to operate in his administration if he fails to stand firm.

“My biggest concern is whether President Mahama will be given the free hand to do what his heart really wants to do,” Mr. Awuni said.

“In fact when I look at the future of the NDC today under President Mahama’s presidency, I see a play back of 1979. I see a playback of the PNP,” he continued.

“And I just pray that he does not suffer and God forbid that he does suffer what Dr. Limann suffered.”

Mr. Awuni who was speaking to Bismark Brown on Breakfast TV on Tuesday morning said he carried such doubt because “there are too many powerful people in the NDC who may not want to give President Mahama the free hand (to operate).”

“Limann was sitting under one of our missions abroad and he was plucked there, brought in and became President then there were the party people who wanted to say ‘we are the ones who made you’”

He acknowledge the skill the new president brings to fore and demanded that he stands firm in the face of adversity which is yet to be met.

“I am saying that President Mahama is more skillful than that and should be able to handle this. I hope he is given the free hand. I pray that President Mahama does what he wants to do.

“I pray that he unites this nation. That he doesn’t reward people who are unnecessarily divisive, unnecessarily rude because that will only produce more rude people.”